About Us


Essendon Canoe Club

Let me guess – you were walking by the river and saw a group of people leisurely paddling along the river and you thought – now that looks pleasant, relaxing and those people look like they are having fun.  Or perhaps you were jogging beside the water and the knees were saying, there has to be a better way to get fit. You hear a whooshing noise, and there on the river is a paddler who is working just as hard and certainly looks like he or she is fit.

Next question is, ‘how do I get into this sport’?  By visiting this website you have taken the first steps!

The club was founded in 1925 making it the second oldest Canoe Club in Victoria.   Essendon Canoe Club is friendly and welcomes new and experienced paddlers to our club.   We provide a variety of canoeing activities including:

  • Marathon / Sprint (Flatwater) Paddling
  • Canoe Polo
  • Touring
  • Social paddling and just plain socialising!

We have members from teenagers to 70 something’s, beginners to veterans, elite athletes competing internationally, to those who paddle recreationally for enjoyment and fitness

Unfortunately Essendon Canoe Club does not hire out boats or equipment.  The club rooms are not for private hire.

Please contact essendoncanoeclub@gmail.com for information about joining, or view the membership page.